Finding My Brave: Presentation Tips and Tricks for the Timid at Heart


We all know that presenting at a conference is a desirable––and sometimes required––part of our jobs. But presenting can be fraught with all the anxiety and pitfalls that come with any public speaking. We at the California Academic Reference Librarians Discussion Interest Group-South (CARLDIG-S) are here to help you along the way! In the spirit of embracing courage, candor, and authenticity, a diverse group of presenters from the 2018 and 2019 CARLDIG-S Fall Programs will share the joys and travails of developing and delivering presentations. How do you manage a group presentation when the time-keeper tells you there’s only three minutes left? What happens if you’re afraid your lightning round isn’t electrifying? What if you’re asked to build a twenty-minute talk when all you thought all you could handle was five minutes? What to do about post-performance anxiety? Participating in a CARL interest group affords you the opportunity to develop important leadership and presentation skills in an intimate forum among friends. During this showcase, we will employ a “shift and share format,” where small groups will travel together around the room and meet with each of the presenters. You will meet new friends, and leave emboldened to excel in your next presentation––maybe at CARLDIG-S!

CARLDIG-S: California Reference Librarians Discussion Group
Thu 2:45 pm - 3:45 pm
Interest Group Showcase