Keynote Plenary - Working as a “free ass muhfucka”: authenticity as a revolutionary act for social change


Librarianship is a field comprised of roughly 90% white librarians. For people of color working in any library environment, this statistic often means you are “the only one” in your workplace. Such singleness heightens the probability that we may not bring our whole selves to work. It begs the question. What happens to racial and ethnic minority librarians – and our colleagues – when we do this? Using my own experiences as a framework, I will explore the link between how society conditions racial and ethnic minority librarians to fit into white social and professional norms and the effect of that conditioning on both those in the minority and the majority. I will show that the best way for socio-professional change to occur, in all facets of libraries, be it collection development, faculty outreach and student success, is for people of color to work as “free ass muhfuckas.”

La Loria Konata, Policy Studies Librarian, Georgia State University
Fri 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm