Keynote Plenary - Knowledge is Power: How Disinformation Helps Fascist Regimes and Good Information Ends Them


When I was at Snopes, I discovered that Facebook was doing large-scale
manipulation of human behavior using algorithms and it was destroying
democratic efforts in Myanmar by reopening barely-healed historical
wounds. I realized over time that was happening all over the world, and
that is deliberate. I believe that exposure is the only way to fight
back, and that knowledge is power. By knowing how this works, those of
us working in the field of information and debunking disinformation can
fight back with thorough, vetted, and responsive information. We are the
last bulwark against authoritarianism, and journalists and librarians
have never been more crucial to, quite literally, the future of the

Brooke Binkowski, Managing Editor,
Thu 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm