Library Organizing 101: Advocating for our students and ourselves


It is a common phrase in unionized academic library environments that “library working conditions are student learning conditions.” How can we as library workers advocate for our students and ourselves by protecting our physical, economic, and intellectual working conditions? In this session, a panel of representatives from the California State University Employee Union (CSUEU), the California Faculty Association (CFA), the University Council of the American Federation of Teachers (UC-AFT), and a California community college will discuss workplace issues, trends in libraries that may change our future working environment, and any other concerns that may be common to represented library workers in the state of California. Attendance at this pre-conference is freely available to all currently active members of CSUEU, CFA, UC-AFT, or their local community college bargaining unit.

Representatives from CSUEU, CFA, UC-AFT
Thu 9:00 am - 10:30 am