Sustainability is All Around Us


We feel it in our instruction, we feel it in our outreach. . .there is no beginning and there is no end if we all strive to bring sustainability into libraryland! Because we center inclusion and equity in our professional practices in LIS, we understand the critical connection between social justice values and environmental sustainability. The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals address the global issues that include quality education, inequality, climate, sustainable cities and communities, and responsible consumption and production. Climate change is a polarizing concern and as our natural resources wane, access to credible information sources becomes ever more privileged and limited. As library workers, we have a vested interest in exploring how sustainability impacts (and is impacted by) research and scholarship. Our candor in raising and promoting conversations around sustainability will certainly have reverberating impacts on our profession and physical spaces.This presentation will provide examples on how libraries can apply sustainable principles to our activities, services, and outreach in authentic ways that foster genuine connection and facilitate solutions that benefit the broader campus community. We will consider sustainability through the “triple bottom line” and how the application of these concepts can be used in academic library work. Case studies related to library instruction, staff training, and outreach events will be shared so attendees can implement similar strategic approaches at their institutions.

Lalitha Nataraj, Social Sciences Librarian, California State University San Marcos Tamara Bozich, Order & Borrowing Specialist, UC San Diego
Fri 2:45 pm - 3:45 pm
Research into Practice