Valuing the whole student: Supporting student employees/interns in the library through authentic, caring connections


During this roundtable, attendees will discuss ways to better support
students working or interning in the library through authentic
connections and communication. Potential discussion questions may

- How are we giving our students meaningful, lasting experiences that will benefit them outside of their time in school?
What was a time when you felt inauthentic in your communication with
student workers/interns (if any)? What would have been the benefit of
approaching this situation with more candor?
- How can we be more authentic in our interactions with students working in the library?
- What problems might authenticity and caring communication help solve?
In what ways is authenticity difficult for librarians and/or student
workers/interns? What is the role of privilege in maintaining authentic
- What can we do to better support students who are struggling with mental health issues or with food insecurity?

roundtable will be of interest to any librarian working directly with
students but will be of particular interest to librarians who supervise
student workers or employees.

Tricia Lantzy, Health Sciences & Human Services Librarian, CSUSM Talitha Matlin, STEM Librarian, CSUSM Zemirah Lee, Senior Librarian, Bastyr University California
Thu 3:15 pm - 3:45 pm
Round Table Discussion