Diversity in Academic Libraries (DIAL) Interest Group Showcase


In part 1 of our interactive session, our facilitators will lead a discussion on how academic library workers of color can think through and plan their careers strategies. Discussions may include barriers, opportunities and reflections on building one's career in academic libraries. As you think about this, one thing that may enter your mind is where recruitment, retention and self-care come in. In part 2 of our program, we will get help on what will help us thrive. In an 87% white profession, many academic librarians of color feel ostracized by white notions of professionalism and other biases. This begins in library school and continues throughout our careers. Providing support and guidance to POCs just entering the profession is crucial to overcoming some of the barriers that the whiteness of our profession poses. There are opportunities for librarians of color to help each other navigate the professional space in a local context. At an institution with an LIS program, one way is to provide mentoring to library students of color. A former graduate student research assistant (GSRA) and current GSRA will talk about the impact of the mentorship relationship between them and how it has helped them thrive at their library. This portion of the presentation will feature a padlet for attendees to engage with the following questions: How do you practice self-care? How do you prevent burnout? How do you practice mentorship? How do you mentor others? The speakers welcome and encourage your participation and will use the responses to create a digital zine for distribution following the event.

Nicollette Brant, CSU Long Beach; Melissa Maldonado, UC Los Angeles
Fri 2:45 pm - 3:45 pm
Interest Group Showcase