Resilient Librarians: Bouncing back from instruction failures


Disengaged students, vague requests to “show them the library
resources”, or lack of an audience can act as roadblocks for instruction
librarians. How do we as professionals maintain our confidence and
ability when instructional failures have us second guessing our approach
or decisions? This roundtable discussion provides attendees an
opportunity to discuss how they handle presentations or instruction
sessions that fall flat or miss the mark. Having the ability to be
flexible, while prioritizing audience need can get you back on track,
even if it means taking a different path. Librarianship requires
resilience and disaster planning to reduce mistakes, redesign and revise
plans, and develop best practices for future presentations.
Facilitators and attendees will discuss how we reflect on these
experiences to address how our practices have evolved to meet our users’
needs moving forward.

Kelsey Vukic, Social and Behavioral Sciences Librarian, University of Southern California Alyssa Brissett, Social Work Librarian, University of Southern California
Fri 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm
Round Table Discussion