So you want to put on a workshop? Ask us anything! (plus some answers you may not have thought of yet)


In developing this year’s SCIL Works program we realized that the soft
skills, unspoken tasks, and administrative work that goes into creating a
half-day program are (while doable) very much part of the institutional
memory of the board who are often senior members of the board or
steering committee. Space to share important work and ideas is needed
to allow voices, who haven’t been elected (yet) or are new to an
existing organization, to ask about which strings to pull on to make a
workshop successful. Sometimes members need to be told that they won’t
break (insert acronym here) if something goes poorly or there’s not
enough coffee. This discussion will create a space for people who want
to continue to grow and share their expertise together and talk about
how you turn those ideas into a call for proposals, find a space to
host, and ask for space or help from parent organizations and interest
groups. We hope that by having a low-stakes inherently interactive
space to discuss ‘the how’ of putting together short programs will
encourage people who are new to the space to come join us in a lively
discussion.. Join us and come share your knowledge if you are
experienced or just want to learn how you can put on a half day
workshop. Let’s talk about how we can best facilitate the conference
you’ve always imagined.

Mary-Michelle Moore, Teaching & Learning Librarian, UC Santa Barbara Judith Opdahl, Instruction & Reference Librarian, CSU San Marcos Tim Chu, First Year Experience Librarian, UC San Diego Michelle DeMars, Health Sciences Librarian, CSU Long Beach
Fri 11:30 am - 12:00 pm
Round Table Discussion