The Challenge of One-Sized Fits All: Undergraduate Disciplinary Learning Standards and the ACRL Framework


Does an engineer view IL in the same way that sociologist does? How do
disciplines integrate information literacy (IL) within their own
documents? Does the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy match those
disciplinary conceptions? These are some of the questions the
researchers sought to address in their CARL Research Grant funded study
by mapping the Framework to individual standard documents. The session
will include a discussion of the study’s research methods, initial
findings, the challenges the researchers faced both related to the
project specifically and as new researchers, and how the project will
move forward after this first phase of data collection. 

Tiffanie Ford-Baxter, Science Librarian, California State University Los Angeles Kendall Faulkner, Social Science Librarian, California State University Los Angeles
Fri 11:30 am - 12:30 pm
CARL Research Award Presentation